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Brands Are Made Not Born: October 27, 2010


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Rainworks Omnimedia LLC, a new producer of big-budget, high production value science entertainment, turned to award-winning branding firm, David Day | Associates to create the brand for its ambitious mission—to capture a segment of the museum exhibition market and fund girls literacy and clean water programs in the developing world.

The Chicago-based company of entertainment developers and philanthrocapitalists was eager to work with a brand virtuoso who would understand its corporate identity.  “We were very clear about our corporate mission to deliver transformative museum experiences, and about our social mission supporting girls education and clean water,” said Rainworks  founder, Gail Vida Hamburg. “We sought the agency to help us articulate our core identity and philanthropic DNA to the public,” said Hamburg, a creator and developer of original media content including museum exhibitions.

The only social enterprise and triple bottom line company in a field dominated by single bottom line for-profit ventures, Rainworks takes its name from the medicine men of Native American lore who induce rain through rituals. “We aspire to make rain for museums  and their visitors by delivering exhibits that are transformational experiences, and we want to make rain for girls’ education and clean water programs,” said Hamburg. Rainworks has chosen as its benefit recipients: CamFedUSA, ActionAid, Room To Read, and charity:water.

David Day, president of the Omaha agency and his team used their brand-crafting methodologies to drill to the core of Rainworks product line and mission.  “We used our BrandCore℠ process to explore its internal business structure and culture, the external rational and emotional factors facing it, and the broad market environment in which it operates. This revealed Rainworks true characteristics  as a “Blue Ocean” company, a creative disruptor in its field, and a social enterprise innovator. From there, we conceived its brand platform and  transitioned that understanding into its various visual expressions, giving visual life to the brand’s core,” Day said.

For Rainworks’ website which industry analysts predict will win design awards for its successful crystallization of a corporate brand, Day leveraged the company’s “Creator” archetype and designed a visual representation of its central offering, of transformative museum experiences that educate and inspire, and Rainworks promise to refresh minds. “The logo is as much about the full circle of transformation for a museum and its visitors, as it is for the renewal of water and the building of a girl’s self esteem in a far away place,” said Day. The website extends the visual concept of the brand in a dynamic, refreshing online experience. To highlight the social mission of Rainworks and promote girls literacy, the site offers a free download of the remix of the empowering female anthem, “I’m Every Woman” (courtesy of UK ActionAid’s 6 Degrees Project),  featuring an exciting roster of British female talent including, Róisín Murphy, Sinead O’Connor, Micachu, thecocknbullkid and Alessi’s Ark,

Rainworks productions include: MONEY, an exciting multimedia experience that  interprets the foundations and principles of money and personal finance; Brave New World, a multimedia odyssey that demythologizes technology and trends; and Glam, an exhibition on beauty from ancient to contemporary times.

Thought leaders from each field are collaborating on the exhibitions, scheduled for programming in early 2011.  Experts who wish to join the roster of advisors; financial,  technology, beauty and wellness companies who wish to learn about partnership opportunities; and social enterprise collaborators investing in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) may direct queries to

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